"Many Women Have Done Noble Things, We Excel Them All" Proverbs 31:29

Soror Spotlight-2nd Qtr. 2019


2nd Qtr. Birthdays

  • Happy Birthday Sorors...hope your day was a ROYAL affair!

Apr 2019: 

  • 1st Soror Elizabeth Drayton
  • 2nd Soror Daret Cannonier
  • 9th Soror Claudette Farmer
  • 21st Soror Latita Nagai
  • 26th Soror Debbie McMath
  • 27th Soror Seana Tolbert
  • 29th Soror Annise Alford
  • 29th Soror Shannee Thomas-Stewart
  • 30th Soror Sherale Davis 

May 2019: 

  • 5th Soror Shakisha Bailey
  • 7th Soror Stacie DuBose
  • 12th Soror Diana Kinard
  • 12th Soror Georgette Leverett
  • 13th Soror Kendra Sanders 
  • 20th Soror Veronica Flowers

Jun 2019:

  • 6th Soror Tamiko Brown 
  • 6th Soror Tanisha Thomas
  • 7th Soror Jolynda Westbrook
  • 12th Soror Peggy Benoit
  • 12th Soror Lawandaca Gary
  • 16th Soror Ursula Crawford
  • 21st Soror Shayla Walden
  • 23rd Soror Jessica Quinn
  • 27th Soror Yolanda Rhyne
  • 28th Soror Margie Carswell
  • 30th Soror Leticia Taylor


Congrats Sorors!

  • Soror Margie Carswell-Completes Master's Degree
  • Soror Seana Tolbert-Completes Master's Degree
  • Soror Yolanda Rhyne-Daughter graduates AIT and heads to OCS
  • Soror Alecia Reed Purchased New Home


Hails & Farewells

Let's bid our departing Sorors farewell and welcome our new Sorors:


Welcome Newly Crossed Sorors:

  • Soror Shakita Chestnut
  • Soror Claudette Farmer
  • Soror Brenda Davis
  • Soror Shanice Harris
  • Soror Mamie Mcravin


  • Soror Tanisha Thomas (Departing April 2019)
  • Soror Jasmine Raines (Departing May 2019)
  • Soror Sherrone Joseph (Departing June 2019)
  • Soror Ursula Crawford (Departing June 2019)